"It was a great experience that both staff and children enjoyed. We also had some very fussy eaters who ate the food they cooked without fuss. Great result!"
April, Year 4 teacher

School Workshops

Here is a snapshot of what we do and how we do it but please contact us, we’d love to tailor a workshop for your school! Download our Nutrition for Schools Brochure

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PurpleCarrot teaches young cooks the building blocks of healthy nutrition in a fun and hands-on way.

Topics range from Balanced Meals and Healthy Eating to more specific subjects such as Sugar and Fats.

We use  games such as spin the fork, fruit bingo, food pairs, food mazes and crosswords, spot the odd food out tailored to the age group to illustrate the workshop’s topic.

Healthy Snacks & Balanced Lunches

We provide healthy snacks such as fruit, carrots and hummus and our lunches are perfectly balanced and contain loads of seasonal vegetables.

Hands-on cooking

Purple Carrot School Workshops kids cookingKids actively participate in all stages of cooking – from simple tasks like washing vegetables to kneading bread dough or searing chicken.

Our young cooks are encouraged to read and follow the recipes, learn about ingredients, weight and measure ingredients as well as help tidy-up after each step.

We talk about the dish and its nutritional value as we cook because linking nutrition concepts to actual food seems to ‘stick’ better.

We cook two dishes (a stater and a main or a main and a healthy dessert) and once ready, they all sit down and enjoy them together.

Eating together

Kids sit down to enjoy lunch at a long and nicely set table.
We encourage kids to talk about their cooking – the social aspect of cooking and eating together is very important too.

Small teams

The children will be in teams of 5-8  (depending on ages) and each team will have a dedicated adult supervising the cooking.

We love it when school teachers are parents come along and get involved in the cooking.

All our staff are registered nutritional therapists, qualified teachers or professional chefs. We are all DBS checked and have several years experience wth children.

Each team has their own cooking station with an induction hob, utensils, chopping boards, etc.

school workshop

Safety in the kitchen

We take safety in our kitchen very seriously.

We teach our young cooks  how to handle knives, graters, hobs, etc to avoid any accidents.

We are NUT-FREE but any other allergens can be avoided too when necessary.

The PurpleCarrot Team

Pilar is a registered Nutritional Therapist (BCNH, BANT).

The rest of the team includes qualified teachers, teacher’s assistants and chefs. We are all DBS checked.

Read a bit more about some of the team.


Balanced Meals

The rainbow diet: yogurt trifle

The importance of all food groups: Mexican tacos

Healthy snacks: Sushi and origin

Nutrition for young athletes

Cooking & Science

Summer Picnics

Autumn Harvest Lunch

Halloween Special




On many occasions, I have observed and also assisted Pilar in preparing resources for her inspiring cookery workshops with primary school children of different ages, abilities and skills.”

“Pilar has proved to be an excellent role model teaching children how to cook easy, healthy recipes from different cultures , developing their knowledge and also learning new skills.”

EN, Hearthside Prep School, London

Pilar’s teaching strategies have also enabled children to access the lesson, ensured good behaviour management and positive interaction with children  using calm and kind manners. 

“Pupils  enthusiastically  got involved in the cooking process from reading the recipes, measuring and weighing the ingredients following Pilar’s instructions”

PC, North London School


“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the ‎purple carrot summer camp and would surely do it again! The combination of learning about food and healthy eating and making the delicious healthy meals herself together with other kids is what made‎ the experience educational and a lot of fun! And very yummy too!”

T‎hank you so much Pilar and team for taking such great care of the kids and for making everything so interesting and fun!”

Anna, North London

“My daughter Zara absolutely loved the course and has definitely become keen in search of recipes to plan meals. She can’t wait to return to your cooking courses.”  

Caren, Swiss Cottage


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