Naava Carman

We are very excited to be working with Naava Carman. She is the founder of The Fertility Support Company and an amazing Chinese medicine practitioner specialising in supporting men and women on their journey to becoming parents.

We collaborate, we brainstorm and we learn so much from Naava’s experience. Her most amazing skill? Her approach to supporting fertility by integrating Western and Chinese medicine.

Brook practice

We find that having a friendly, family oriented GP surgery on board is incredibly useful to give our clients access to the best medical care. The Brook Surgery is a family run practice providing bespoke high quality medical care for families and children in North London.


Béaba is the manufacturer of the wonderfully useful Babycook ® and many other products that make children happier and parents’ lives a whole lot easier.

We have partnered up with Béaba to write a bi-weeky blog focusing on helping parents with tips on cooking and nutrition from weaning to finger food, snacks, family meals and much more. We also create easy-peasy and incredibly tasty recipes for little ones and get to shoot videos and event attend the odd Food festival with the Béaba Team.

All this and more can be found at

Borough Kitchen

We like being at the heart of the community so we have partnered up with Borough Kitchen to run workshops in their kitchens in Chiswick and Hampstead.


We love working with DoodleBags not only because they are super useful but also because they help us reduce waste…reusable bags to carry your little ones’ snacks/freeze leftovers/store your salad dressing? Yes please!

Check them at

Ginger Whisk

An amazing cooking school, photography studio and one of our favourite venues to run workshops. It is run by Lucy, a Cordon Bleu trained chef, and Jacqui a talented photographer.  They are based in Chiswick.