Paula Quest

Nutritional Chef  

Paula is a gifted and creative cook who reads endless recipe books and magazines about food and health. Paula completed her Nutrition in Practice course at Leith’s in 2016. 

Paula loves fresh ingredients, healthy food, rich flavours and, above all, time-saving tricks and…she’s never found a kitchen gadget she didn’t fall in love with!

She helps run our Cooking and Nutrition Workshops where she shares her amazing cooking skills and ever-growing recipe library. Paula has a love of cooking and food, and a never-ending passion for trying new foods and cooking methods, which has been fundamental in providing her with knowledge to pass onto others. She has a talent for encouraging cooks of all ages,  from young children at school workshops to grown-ups who feel more comfortable in the boardroom that the kitchen.

Paula grew up in a big family in Argentina where food was central to family life. Being a busy mum of three, Paula loves easy-to-follow recipes, especially those that yield enough leftovers for another day, aka PurpleCarrot’s Freezer Friendly recipes, or can be transformed into a completely new dish with little effort and a couple more ingredients.  

Paula previously practised as a commercial lawyer in both Argentina and the UK, specialising in international arbitration. She graduated in law from the University of Buenos Aires and after practising as an attorney in Argentina she moved to England where obtained an LLM from University College London and worked as a solicitor until her twins arrived and her passion for cooking took over!

Paula loves travelling and her favourite destination is the French Alps where hiking and skiing are her favourite activities, after shopping in the local markets for local ingredients and cooking for family and friends!

To contact Paula, please email