Vision & Values

The PurpleCarrot Nutrition mission is to be the foremost Nutritional Therapy practice for women’s health, family nutrition and fertility in London. Achieving this with a uniquely balanced and science-based functional medicine approach to diet and nutrition while making good cooking fun and accessible.

Through Nutritional Therapy consultations, cooking workshops and talks we increase understanding of how diet, lifestyle and nutrition impacts on everyone’s wellness and teach the usable skills to put that learning into everyday practice.

Our reputation for enjoyment, education and excellence makes us the cooking school and nutritional therapy practice of choice.

The PurpleCarrot Vision

Giving people the confidence and real skills to achieve their health goals and enjoy more balanced lives through better cooking, more nutritious food and healthier diets.

Our Values



We have a uniquely balanced approach to nutrition, cooking, diet and food. Avoiding fads and fashions, we set our clients realistic goals, give sound personalised advice and recommendations and teach them the cooking skills they need to enjoy and achieve the healthier lifestyle that best suits them.



We are fully qualified and registered nutritional therapists providing bespoke nutritional plans based on a thorough understanding of each client’s individual needs. We set the highest standards in our consultations and recommendations, making sure what we offer is grounded in current medical and scientific research. We’re constantly training and learning, keeping informed of the latest thinking to enhance our effectiveness.


We give our clients the usable tools and confidence they need to improve their health with fact-based, bespoke diet and individual lifestyle plans. We encourage and support every client as they achieve the realistic and life- changing goals we set and agree together.



We inspire and involve our clients in learning the simple, confidence-building skills that they need to make more nutritious and healthy meals. Sharing our nutrition expertise we encourage our clients to develop their own cooking style. Our clients leave our workshops with valuable culinary skills, celebrating and enjoying their new ability to eat better by cooking better.


We open our clients’ minds and abilities to a healthier lifestyle with a better way to cook and eat. We give everyone the usable skills they can follow and introduce them to the sense of fun that preparing good food creates. Mixing great food and great company, we want the experience of coming to us to be open, enjoyable and motivating.