Pilar Manzanaro


As a first time mother and enthusiastic cook, Pilar became interested in the nutritional properties of food and started researching the impact diet can have on long-term health. Right after her second child was born, Pilar started a degree in Nutritional Therapy and by the time baby number three arrived, she was qualified and ready to start her clinic.

As a Nutritional Therapist, Pilar specialises on how diet and nutrition can help support women’s health and have a positive impact on and hormonal balance, fertility, pregnancy and beyond. Pilar uses her diet and nutrition knowledge to support children health and development from birth to the teen-years.

Pilar runs a busy pre-conception and fertility clinic for women trying to conceive naturally or undergoing IVF treatment. Diet and nutrition can have a positive impact on conditions affecting fertility including hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysregulation, autoimmunity, adrenal issues, etc.

Pilar can also help improve diet and nutrition status during pregnancy to support the baby’s development and ensure mum’s health is optimal during pregnancy and after delivery.

After years of working in finance, Pilar developed an interest on how sustained stress impacts not just adrenal function but also thyroid balance, fertility and gut integrity. Pilar and her team deliver presentations, run workshops and organise events for corporates on Nutrition and Wellbeing where stress is one of the main areas of interest.

Pilar offers individual consultations for adults and children to address particular health concerns as well as family menu-planning consultations to help busy parents improve their family eating habits. Diet check-ups can help healthy individuals ensure their diets are nutritious and balanced to sustain their lifestyles.

As a mum of three, Pilar understands how challenging it is to feed kids a healthy balanced diet so her highly trained team offers help with healthy and easy family recipes.

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Pilar Manzanaro