Agnes Doma

Agnes has just completed the first year of her Nutritional Therapy diploma at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. Food and nutrition have always been part of her life: she grew up in a big family in Hungary, where food has always played an important role and cooking with her mother and grandmothers passed on their love of home-made, nourishing food.

After putting her career in retail banking career on hold to raise her two sons she became increasingly more interested in the nutritional properties of individual foods and started researching the impact diet can have on kids’ development, behaviour and on their long-term overall health.

With two young kids at home, Agnes quickly realized feeding your family a healthy diet can be quite a challenge! So she started looking for inspiring cooking and nutrition courses and that’s how she came across PurpleCarrot Nutrition and started attending their workshops in the early days. Meeting the PurpleCarrot team and facing some family health challenges, made her jump into the deep end and enroll into her nutrition diploma to understand the science behind food. Shortly after that, Agnes switched from PurpleCarrot client to team member and now manages our social media effort and works with Paula and Pilar organising and delivering workshops.

Besides her interest in food and nutrition Agnes takes some fabulous photos and is behind some of the best shots PurpleCarrot shows on their website and social media. She continues to learn and takes regular courses to improve her photography and food styling skills.

In her spare time – not much admittedly! – Agnes is a keen runner and is currently training for a half marathon.

To contact Agnes, please email