About Purple Carrot Nutrition Team


At PurpleCarrot Nutrition, we have two passions: nutrition and good food.  Yes, together! We believe that tasty food can be really good for you and that healthy food must be delicious.

We are a team of qualified and registered nutrition therapists and cooks who firmly believe that what we eat can support our health and wellbeing from the moment we are conceived. At PurpleCarrot we specialise in supporting  women’s health, including hormonal balancefertilitypregnancy and breastfeeding, with science-based nutritional advice.

We also focus on children’s nutrition including weaningrestricted dietsADHDeating disordersweight issues and food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances.

We are very aware of the impact busy life styles and stress can have on our health and wellbeing and how the right nutrition can help manage weight issues, increase energy levels and support immune and digestive issues like IBS or SIBO.

We offer consultations in person in London and via Skype or Facetime. We also run group and private cooking and nutrition workshops.

The PurpleCarrot Team delivers talks and runs workshops for corporates. We organise fully customised corporate events including cooking workshops in our fully fitted kitchens in London.

At PurpleCarrot Nutrition we believe educating children about the importance of a wholesome, balanced diet in health. We offer educational cooking and nutrition workshops for children of all ages, both at school and privately.