1. In these terms and conditions:
    1. “We” means PurpleCarrot Nutrition Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, number 09396133, 29 Denning Road NW3 1ST;
    2. “Workshop” means a workshop, consultancy session or other event, activity or service organised by us;
    3. “Consultation” means a one-to-one nutrition session to address any health or dietary issues;
    4. “Workshop host” means the person or persons responsible for conducting a workshop on our behalf, whether or not an employee;
    5. “You” means the customer booking or attending one of our workshops; or consultation;
    6. “Fee” means the fee agreed for attending a workshop.
  2. These terms and conditions apply to:
    1. Booking of and attendance at any workshop or consultation;
    2. Use of our website and other written material published or provided by us to you.

Fees and cancellation

  1. The fee for a workshop or consultation will be that specified at the time of booking. Fees published on our website or elsewhere are indicative and subject to change.
  2. For a workshop, you must pay the fee in full on booking. Your attendance at a workshop is not confirmed until we have received payment of the fee in full. For a consultation, you must pay the fee upon receipt of the invoice.
  3. We reserve the right at any time to cancel a workshop or consultation. If we do then we will refund the fee but we will not be liable for any other losses or expenses you may incur.
  4. We reserve the right at any time to change the location or time of a workshop or consultation. If we do, and if you are unable to attend as a result, then we will refund the fee but we will not be liable for any other losses or expenses you may incur.
  5. You may cancel a workshop or consultation on 48 hours’ notice and receive a 50% refund of the fee. Otherwise, all fees are non-refundable and all bookings are non-transferable.


  1. We will inform you at the time of booking of the expected workshop host and the general content of the workshop but we reserve the right to make changes or substitutions at our discretion.
  2. Burns, cuts and similar injuries sometimes occur in the kitchen. You undertake to take reasonable care at our workshops for your own safety and that of others and to follow instructions. You undertake to indemnify us against any loss or damage or liability we may incur (including to other attendees) as a result of your negligence.
  3. If you have an allergy, dietary intolerance or other relevant medical condition or disability then you must inform us at the time of booking. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that any food or supplements you consume at a workshop or at our suggestion is compatible with any allergy etc. that you may have. Any nutritional information or advice you may receive from us is to be used in conjunction with medical advice and any supplements to be discussed with your doctor.

Materials provided by us for workshops and consultations

  1. Materials on our website and other written materials published or provided by us, including blogs, questionnaires, recipes, and handouts at workshops, are provided for information only and are not intended as personal advice or recommendations. You should consult with us or with your doctor about your personal circumstances before changing your diet or taking supplements.
  2. Where we provide advice or reports in consultation, the advice is for your use only and may not be relied on by anyone else. Supplements must be taken as specified. We will take no liability for supplements taken in a different way to that specified by us.
  3. You may not distribute or reproduce any materials or reports without our permission other than for your personal use.

Exclusion of liability

  1. Except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence, neither we nor our workshop hosts nor our employees or directors (all of whom may enforce this clause) are liable to you for any injury, loss or damage of any kind, however caused. Without limitation, that includes any injury, loss or damage you may suffer (i) while attending a workshop, (ii) through your use of the website (iii) in reliance on any information provided by us on the website or in our written materials or at workshops (iv) in reliance on any advice in a consultation.