Spring Cleansing

Spring cleansing

Days are getting longer and the sun is starting to make a much welcome appearance. It is time to give our diets a good Spring Clean leaving behind the rich and warming foods we crave in the Winter.

Why not try to have three veggie-packed days a week in March to help shed those extra post-Xmas pounds and give your body a chance to rebalance its systems? Here are a few ideas….Try replacing eggs/butter on your morning toast with olive oil and avocado and a small blood orange instead of juice to increase fibre and balance your blood sugar.

Avocado tastes delicious on granary toast and it gives you a portion of complete protein as well as omega-9 fats that promote good cholesterol, fibre and vitamin E to prevent fat oxidation that has been linked to heart disease. More ideas: for lunch, stay away from cheese and ham toasties, go for a wholesome roasted sweet potato, puy lentil and spinach salad with a generous sprinkling of mixed seeds dressed with parsley, lemon and olive oil. Dinner doesn’t need to be boring without meat – try a mixed mushroom and vitamin C loaded red pepper stir-fry with lots of ginger and chili and cashew nuts for protein, vitamin and minerals.

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