Summer is over and we are all back to our busy daily routine. Some of us (yours truly included) find it hard to relax and even harder to carve out the time for a little yoga practice, the gym or even run a bath so, what can we do?

The truth is you don’t need much to help your body and mind relax. Your own breath is a very powerful tool!

I advise ALL my clients, even those that seem to have low levels of everyday stress, to take just a couple of minutes in the morning and evening to do some abdominal (deep) breathing. And for those that may need a bit more TLC in the relaxation department to take regular “breathing” breaks.

Why is that? because being aware of our breathing, can help you relax, stay focussed, improve your emotional/mental balance and boost energy. Oh and it can even support digestion!


🌟Put your phone and computer away for a few minutes
🌟Sit comfortably, with your feet flat on the floor. Notice how you are breathing – is it fast, is it short, is it shallow?
🌟Take a deep breath in, while you count to 4, feeling your abdomen rise as you breathe in and noticing how the air flows in from your mouth to your lungs.
🌟Count to 4 while you hold your breath
🌟Exhale through your nose (or mougt if you find this more calming) slowly while counting to 4 again.
🌟🌟Repeat 10-15 times 2x a day 🌟🌟and notice how you feel afterwards.

Use the technique every time you find yourself getting into a stress/anxiety loop since it can be done anywhere/anytime and no-one needs to know!


🌟RELAX: When you find yourself getting tense or anxiety creeping up, slowing your breath can help calm you down.
TAKE FIVE: If you have a busy life, abdominal breathing can just be what you need to find your own space for a few minutes.
MORE ENERGY: as oxygen gets deeper into your muscles and tissues
🌟 BETTER SLEEP: If you struggle to unwind in the evening, deep breathing can help you relax before bed
🌟BETTER DIGESTION: I also recommend this technique to those who eat in a rush or suffer from indigestion/bloating after meals. Being more relaxed before meals will trigger better chewing which in turn can help secrete more stomach acid and digestive enzymes

That’s it from us on breathing but if youhave any questions, please get in touch!