Yoga and Nutrition Workshop #2 MORNING SESSION

3rd May 2018

Second Yoga and Nutrition Workshop: Thyroid and Adrenals SOLD OUT Click here to join our interest list for the next series 
Time 10am-1pm
Date 3rd May 2018
Location 29 Denning Road London NW3 1ST
Price: £55 (early bird until 28th February, then £65)

During this workshop we will explore how your thyroid and adrenals support your health from metabolism to energy and your ability to cope with stress. Your adrenals also play a huge role in the production of sexual hormones that regulate your cycle and support fertility and help balance hormones post perimenopause.

Diet plays a fundamental role in supporting your adrenals especially via sugar balance and insulin-cortisol interaction. Your thyroid is closely linked to your sugar balance and adrenal function but those aren’t the only hormones that an unbalanced thyroid can affect, as your oestrogen production can be affected too.

Your yoga practice can also help support your adrenals and thyroid. Through Pranayama and restorative Yoga poses, you can counteract the effects of the ‘stress’ hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. And your Yoga practice can also aid the thyroid regular function by alternately compressing and expanding your throat, flooding the gland with oxygen through inversions and practicing certain breathing techniques.

Our workshops start with a deliciously healthy snack and Nutrition Talk by Pilar Manzanaro, our registered nutritional therapist. The talk will be followed by a yoga session with Paula Lopez De Mollein, our experienced Yoga teacher. To finish our session off we’ll cook lunch for you including recipes and ingredients to address hormonal imbalances, support sugar balance and boost your energy with Paula Quest, our nutritional chef.
Please contact Pilar or Paula with any questions.

We will follow up with fortnightly Nutrition and Yoga emails including practice videos to keep you going until our next session!

COST: £65.00

Sold Out