Yoga and Nutrition Workshop #1

31st January 2018

First Yoga and Nutrition Workshop:
Time 6:30-9:30pm
Date 31st Jan 2018
Location St Emmanuel’s Church NW6
Price: £55 (early bird until 10th January, then £65)

Yoga and Nutrition can help rebalance your hormones naturally. Our hormones work in balance to keep our systems working. Lifestyle (Yeap, stress and not getting enough sleep) can negatively affect this fine balance. A good diet can provide the nutrients you need to ensure your thyroid get enough selenium and iodine and your adrenals plenty of vitamin C.

Yoga can help release pressure from your adrenals, support your thyroid function and help you eliminate excess hormones.

At this first workshop, we’ll introduce how our hormones work together and how imbalances can affect your health and well-being. We will give you advice, nutrition tips and yoga poses to gently get your body to reach a new balance.

Our workshops start with a deliciously healthy snack and Nutrition Talk by Pilar Manzanaro, our registered nutritional therapist. The talk will be followed by a yoga session with Paula Lopez De Mollein, our experienced Yoga teacher. To finish our session off we’ll cook a light dinner for you including recipes and ingredients to address hormonal imbalances, support sugar balance and boost your energy with Paula Quest, our nutritional chef.
Please contact Pilar or Paula with any questions.

We will follow up with fortnightly Nutrition and Yoga emails including practice videos to keep you going until our next session!

COST: £65.00

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