Soups And Stews A Lighter Take On Winter Warmers

1st November 2017

This workshop features delicious one-pot dishes packed with nutrients to support your immune system during the coldest months.

We will explore gluten and dairy-free dishes to give you alternatives to common comfort foods that tend to rely heavily on pasta and cheese.

All the dishes can be made-ahead, freeze well and feed the whole family. We like versatile meals so our ideas will work great for dinner with friends, light suppers or packed lunches.

This workshop will start with a talk by Pilar on how to balance one-pot meals, what nutrients we normally miss out in soups and which ones we have in excess in stews. We will introduce ideas to make your winter warmers healthier but also a doddle to make. Pilar will introduce the workshop dishes while you enjoy a lovely home-made breakfast including our famous muesli and Pilar’s fresh bread.

Breakfast will be followed by a hands-on cooking session lead by Paula, our nutritional chef. Paula will help you cook one-pot dishes, soups and stews as well as sharing plenty of ideas to use alternative ingredients and adapt the recipes to suit your taste.

This is a hands-on workshop so you will have the opportunity to get involved in the cooking and, of course, have a taste of the finished dishes. Recipe cards will be provided and a handout with our presentation will be ready for you to take home.

Pilar will be available throughout the session to answer health and nutrition questions and Paula will be at hand to share her cooking knowledge.

Soups and stews

Perfect dishes for colder weather: satisfying but light and packed with health boosting nutrients!

DATE:  01/11/2017, 10-1pm

VENUE: PurpleCarrot, Hampstead Kitchen, NW3 1ST

DETAILS: includes breakfast & lunch

COST: £75.00

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