Fussy Eaters

23rd February 2017

The food you make is just half the story when feeding young children.

As many of us know, the battle starts when your little ones sytematically refuse a large (and possibly growing!) number of foods.

The PurpleCarrot team is very excited to have  Dr Anne Lane, an experienced clinical psychologist, on board to help us understand how to broaden our children’s food choices.

This workshop will include a presentation by Dr Lane who will be looking at ways in which parents can encourage adventurous, balanced and nutritious eating in children. Her approach focuses on doing this in ways that encourage great family relationships and happy, healthy children.

Pilar Manzanaro, a registered nutritional therapist, will help you understand how to balance you children’s diet, explain which foods contain essential nutrients for growth and development and how to easily incorporate these foods into their diets!

PurpleCarrot will serve a deliciously healthy breakfast while the speakers present.

After the presentations, Paula Quest, our nutritional chef, will show you how to make some nutritious (and tasty!) snacks for the whole family.

Fussy Eaters

DATE:  23rd February 2017 10am-12pm

VENUE: PurpleCarrot Kitchen NW3

DETAILS: includes breakfast & lunch

COST: £65.00

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