Fish And Seafood Workshop

12th October 2017

Join the PurpleCarrot team to learn more about the essential nutrients in fish and seafood and their impact on health, all the way from the popular omega-3 fats to the lesser known iodine that supports your metabolism and weight management. We will cook sustainably caught and organically farmed fish and seafood, pair them with the freshest seasonal vegetables to make perfectly balanced meals the whole family will enjoy.

This workshop will start with a talk by Pilar on the health benefits of fish, the different nutrients in each type of fish and seafood and the best cooking methods. Pilar will introduce the workshops while you enjoy a lovely home-made breakfast including our famous muesli and Pilar’s fresh bread.

Breakfast will be followed by a hands-on cooking session lead by Paula, our nutritional chef. Paula will help you prepare the fish and cook several dishes as well as show you how to transform those dishes using alternative ingredients. The session will include some fish recipes that can be stored in the freezer for a no-cook evening.

As always, we will keep the whole family in mind to ensure our fish suppers appeal to both kids and grown-ups.

This is a hands-on workshop so you will have the opportunity to get involved in the cooking and, of course, have a taste of the finished dishes for lunch. Recipe cards will be provided and a handout with our fish and seafood presentation.

Pilar will be available throughout the session to answer health and nutrition questions and Paula will be at hand to share her cooking knowledge.

Fish Seafood

A workshop to give you the confidence to cook fish dishes the PurpleCarrot way: easy, healthy and super-tasty!

DATE:  12th October 2017 10am-1pm

VENUE: PurpleCarrot, Hampstead Kitchen, NW3 1ST

DETAILS: includes breakfast & lunch

COST: £80.00

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