Cooking For University

13th September 2017

A fun 2 1/2 hour cooking and nutrition session with Pilar  to give those going away to university some useful cooking and healthy eating skills.

Pilar will help you design your own balanced meals and explain what nutrients are fundamental and what foods contain them. After her presentation Pilar will lead a  cooking workshop including several healthy and tasty dishes that take little time to prepare and fit your student budget.

While we cook, we will discuss the following to ensure you go away with plenty of tasty ideas for a great diet at college:

  • Nutrients to boost your energy and brain function
  • Easy breakfasts
  • Balanced low-sugar snacks
  • Cooking on a budget
  • Tasty suppers for friends

You will take home a recipe booklet and a hand-out with nutrition pointers and quick meal ideas

To book, please go to Borough Kitchen Cook School Website. (add hyperlink here)

Get ready for university life…learn to cook fun and healthy meals without breaking the bank!

DATE:  13/09/2017

VENUE: Borough Kitchen Hampstead

DETAILS: includes dinner, nutrition booklet and recipes

COST: £75.00

Sold Out