4 weeks to Natural Hormonal Balance

On-line Programme Starting 19th May 2020

This programme will teach you…

  • how your hormones work together
  • how to beat sugar cravings and boost your energy
  • what stress does to hormonal balance – spoiler alert: it causes havoc!
  • the impact of hormonal dysregulation on your mood
  • how to improve your blood sugar balance for energy and weight management
  • how to support your thyroid for weight management and cycle regulation
  • how look after your adrenals for stress resilience, weight management, sex hormones and blood sugar
  • how to improve production, metabolism and excretion of oestrogen/progesterone/testosterone for more regulated cycles, PMT, peri-menopause  and fertility, bone health and mood.
  • how to improve PMT/Perimenopause/Cycle disregulation
  • how to balance your oestrogen/Testosterone dominance to improve PCOS/Endometriosis/Fertility

…with diet and lifestyle 

This course is for you if you …

  • are tired of being TIRED
  • want to stop CRAVING SUGAR and CARBS
  • want to improve your SLEEP and wake up REFRESHED
  • want to avoid MOOD swings
  • want to stop your WEIGHT creeping up
  • want to manage your STRESS is becoming more difficult
  • want to regulate your CYCLES
  • your PERIODS are heavy/long/short/painful
  • are a new mum and want to help your HORMONES find their new balance.
  • are in PERI-MENOPAUSE, MENOPAUSE or considering HRT

…or if you don’t identify with any of the above (lucky you!) but want to make sure you can prevent them in the future.

“I was a mess. My periods (and moods!) were dreadful and my weight kept increasing for no apparent reason. It turns out my thyroid was underactive and my diet was too carby and processed. Three months later, I’m nearly a stone lighter, my mood has improved to pre-children years and my periods are totally manageable. Thank you Pilar for all your support and expert guidance!” – Sarah C, London NW11

What’s the course structure?

  • 5 MODULES released weekly throughout the course:

    • Week 0: Bonus Intro webinar released on booking
    • Week 1: sugar balance, energy, brain function
    • Week 2: thyroid, metabolism, weight management
    • Week 3: adrenal function, stress, sleep
    • Week 4: Sex hormones – PMT, oestrogen dominance, peri-menopause, menopause, mood
  • Lifetime access to the programme content and Private FB group

“Dear Pilar, I wanted to tell you that I am 4 months pregnant and would like to thank you so so much for your help to bring me back to healthy balance, nurture me and ensure I am ready for healthy pregnancy!!!” YM, London NW6

What is included in each module?

  • A LIVE webinar on Tuesday evenings (approx 1 hr each)
  • A LIVE Q&A (and recorded) with me on Friday lunch time for 4 weeks
  • Access to my private FB Group to support you through the programme and become part of a hormone balancing community
  • Hormone test discussion 
  • Supplement discussion (**)
  • An expert guest speaker contribution each week to support each module’s topic
  • Downloadable webinar materials
  • Fact sheets and handouts on fundamental nutrients, lifestyle, medical conditions 
  • Curated shopping lists
  • Recipes and menu planners designed to target the weekly topic
  • Exclusive prices and priority booking of my 1:1 services
  • Special discounts on health retailers and other relevant services
  • My 10 years experience working and researching how diet and lifestyle affect our hormones.

All LIVE sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch whenever is convenient

(**) We will discuss specific nutrients relevant to hormonal balance and supplements. However personalised recommendations are only possible after a health assessment has been carried out for your own safety.

What is the cost of the programme?

£200 one-off payment including a 20% StayHome Discount while lockdown lasts.

You also have the option to book a 1.5hr hour 1:1 consultation at a 20% discount of the full price to further personalise your programme.

“I started working with Pilar because as my stress sky-rocketed, my sleep worsened to the point of not getting more than 4 hours a night. Exhaustion and brain fog started affecting my performance at work. It turns out my gut needed support and also my adrenals had been screaming for help for years so we focussed on those and my sleep, energy and concentration improved … I even got a promotion three months ago!” Clara, London W6


Q: I have PCOS, is this programme for me?
A: This programme can give you the basis of a solid hormonal balance but you are likely to need more medical/nutritional support.

Q: My partner and I are trying to conceive, would I benefit from this programme?
A: Fertility is not the main focus of this programme but if you have no conditions that affect your fertility, absolutely, it can be a great way of getting yourself (and you partner!) ready. If you have any underlying conditions such as PCOS, autoimmunity, endometriosis, diabetes, , please get in touch to discuss how I could help you.

Q: I want to lose a bit of weight, would this programme help me?
A: This is not a weight loss programme but the cleaner diet can help shed a few pounds and decrease water retention.

Q: I have many allergies and intolerances, can I still join the programme?
A: Yes, you most definitely can as the menus and recipes are quite flexible.

Q: I can’t cook/don’t have time to cook, would that be a problem?
A:Not at all, one of the goals of the programme is to get attendees to cook more so the recipes are all very simple and easy to put together.

Q: I have an underactive thyroid/Hashimotos, can I join the programme?
A: Absolutely, the programme will cover thyroid health and help you support its function. And as hormones do not work in isolation, working on adrenal health, blood sugar balance etc can help your thyroid function more optimally.

Any other questions or queries, please get in touch via email