Veggie Leftover-Makeover…

Veggie Leftover Makeover

Last night we had sweet-paprika baked beans on multigrain bread and poached eggs – quick supper for a busy after-school evening.

The leftover smokey-beans were just calling for a quick makeover: 10 minute minestrone for lunch. I added a handful of small pasta shapes and a few chopped green beans for a helping of vitamin C and folic acid to 500ml of home-made bone broth or beef stock. Once cooked I mixed the broth, green beans and pasta with the tomatoey beans and… Voila! A quick, rainy-day lunch packed with lean protein and fibre, that could also work as a packed lunch and counts for 2 of your (at least) 5 a day.

Serve with plenty of calcium-rich parsley (or basil), Parmesan shavings and a drizzle of anti-inflammatory extra-virginolive oil.

Tip: for a gluten-free version, use brown/camarge rice or quinoa instead of pasta.