Fussy Eaters

1hr 30min consultation plus three 45min follow ups

  • Complete 1.5hr Functional Medicine and Nutrition assessment 
  • Weaning programme including:

- Weaning timetable
- Foods for each stages
- Cooking methods
- Dietary recommendations
- Allergies and intolerance 

- Menu planner
- Nutritionally balanced recipes
- Professional grade supplement list 
- Referrals to my network of trusted    consultants/practitioner

  • 1 x initial consultation (90 minutes)
  • 2 x follow up consultations (45 minutes)
  • Email/phone support in between consultations
  • Full access to my Weaning Programme Package worth £400

Still not sure this is for you? That’s OK, Pilar would love to have a chat, you can book a FREE 15 minute introduction consultation.

Payment Options

1. One-off payment of £750

2. Deposit of £150 plus 3 £200 monthly payments.




Solid Food Introduction and Weaning

Baby is growing really fast and the next milestone is… solid food!!

Weaning is fun and exciting but it can also be challenging. That’s why I have developed a weaning programme to help new parents make the right choices when introducing new foods into their baby’s diet. For those with allergies, sensitivities or atopy in the family, the programme is customised to reduce the risk of reacting to foods. A recipe book is available as well as customised menu planners with timings of food introduction.

I work with children and parents to prevent and address some common childhood health concerns via diet and nutrition. Research has linked diet and certain nutrients to improved growth and development as well as behavioural problems, anxiety and aggression, ADHD, poor performance at school, pronounced mood swings, fatigue, poor immunity, weight issues and poor sleep patterns.

Additionally, Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine can help identify allergies and sensitivities to certain foods and work with you and your child to adapt their diet and improve their immune response/nutritional status.

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy can help your child and to introduce my child friendly and personalised approach.

You can also read a detailed description of our Consultation Process here.