1hr 15min consultation plus 45min follow up



Stress Management

Stress has a huge and often underestimated impact on our wellbeing. The human body has mechanisms to manage isolated stressful situations, what is known as the “flight or fight” response in which adrenaline is released. Our bodies are also prepared to deal with longer term stress but managing continuous stress requires our adrenal glands to work very hard to produce large amounts of cortisol to keep us going. If not properly supported our adrenal glands may become exhausted and cortisol levels may fall dramatically impacting our resistance to stress.

Continuous work pressure, emotional stress or chronic illness make our adrenal system work very hard and if not properly supported, it may become less effective and potentially exhausted and unable to produce adequate levels of certain hormones such as DHEA and cortisol. Our bodies use DHEA to produce testosterone that regulates sexual appetite, especially in females. Low levels of cortisol can affect sleep quality and energy levels, result in sugar and stimulant cravings, increase insulin resistance and the risk of diabetes, dysregulate the immune system, lead to hypothyroidism, cause mood swings, alter the gut bacterial balance, etc.

Adequate nutrition can help support your adrenal system and thus improve your response to stress. If your adrenal glands have become exhausted due to continuous stress and affected other systems, Nutritional Therapy can help as well by investigating what areas need support and how to best address any imbalances primarily via diet, lifestyle and nutrition. 

The consultation process:

Prior to the consultation:

In all cases a FREE 15-minute consultation is recommended to discuss if Nutritional Therapy can help with your condition and to introduce Pilar’s approach.

After this free introduction, Pilar will email you a Food Diary Form and Health and Lifestyle questionnaire to gather information to prepare a thorough diet and lifestyle analysis and recommendations.

The consultation:

Nutritional Therapy for Stress Consultation includes a thorough Diet and Lifestyle Analysis based on the information collected from your Personal Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire and Food Diary. At your consultation, Pilar will explain how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting your resistance to stress and your adrenal glands health and also make recommendations backed by proven scientific research. Pilar’s findings, advice and recommendations will be summarised in the Health and Nutrition Programme which includes a diet analysis report and a clear and specific action plan. Pilar believes in working together with her clients so the action plan is always discussed an agreed with you and if a recommended change is not feasible, she works with you to find a different way to achieve that particular goal.

Pilar’s recommendations work around your current diet and lifestyle, making changes rather than providing an “off-the-shelf” programme. This is for two reasons: small, specific changes are more successful and each person has different needs so a personalised diet plan will address health concerns more effectively.

At your first consultation, which can be carried out over Skype or FaceTime, Pilar may recommend some functional tests to confirm any suspected nutritional or systems imbalances. At this stage, adding appropriate and specific nutritional supplements to your daily routine may be recommended as well. This will all be clearly explained in the Health and Nutrition Programme.

Additional information such as Fact Sheets on relevant condition(s), certain food groups and nutrients will be shared with you. Appropriate nutrient Information (NutriFacts) will also be available together with recipes to support the recommended diet plan. Pilar is available on the phone and over email to answer any questions.

The follow-up:

Between 2 and 4 weeks after the first consultation, at a follow up in person, over the phone/Skype Pilar will discuss any test results, go over our agreed Health and Nutrition Programme and, if needed, make amendments to reflect test results or changes to health.

Pilar will email you 4 weeks after the follow-up consultation and to ensure all is going well. At this stage, a third follow up meeting may be booked needed.