1hr 30min consultation plus three 45min follow up

£185 initial consultation 

£125 menu planning (optional)

£90 per follow-up

Payment options: 

1. One-off payment of £400 saving £55 when paying on a per per consultation basis, or £500 versus £580 if including a menu planning session.

3. Settling after each consultation 




I work with mums (and dads!)-to-be to improve their diet and nutrition status to support their baby’s development and ensure mum’s health is optimal during pregnancy and after delivery. 

Pregnancy is one of the most nutritionally demanding periods in a woman’s life and your own nutritional status may have an impact on your baby’s development. Your body prioritises your baby’s needs over yours so when not enough nutrients are available your reserves may be depleted which can have an impact on your health during and after pregnancy.

Fish oils, folic acid and less popular nutrients such as vitamin D, iron and sufficient protein are essential to help you stay healthy during pregnancy and to support your baby’s growth in the womb. Prior to our consultation, I analyse your Food Diary in detail to identify any areas to improve and process the information in your Personal Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire. At our consultation, I gather more information and at the end of our 1.5 hours together, we agree on action plan to help you reach your optimal nutritional status. 

My pregnancy package includes an initial consultation plus a one follow-up consultation per trimester (plus email communication) to ensure your health and nutrition to satisfy your body’s changing demands throughout your pregnancy. 

The fees for a healthy pregnancy package are worked on the basis of a 1.5 hour initial consultation and 1 hour meal planner session (not everyone needs this one), followed by a consultation every three months.

But before you book, I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy can help you and to introduce my very personalised approach, just get in touch to arrange a convenient time.

You can also read a detailed description of our Consultation Process here.