This consultation includes:

  • Complete 1.5hr Functional Medicine and Nutrition assessment
  • Test analysis and interpretation
  • Fully customised nutrition programme including:

- Dietary recommendations 
- Personalised menu planner
- Nutritionally balanced recipes
- Professional grade supplement list 
- Recommended labs & functional tests
- Referrals to my network of trusted consultants/practitioners

  • 1 x initial consultation (90 minutes)
  • 1 x follow up consultations (30 minutes)
  • Email/phone support in between consultations
  • Full access to my breastfeeding support on-line resources

Still not sure this is for you? That’s OK, Pilar would love to have a chat, you can book a FREE 15 minute introduction consultation.

Payment Options

1. One-off payment of £550

2. Deposit of £150 and two monthly payments of £200



Post-natal Nutrition & Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is one of the most de nutrient demanding periods in a woman’s life, not just because of the needs of the growing baby but also because of the huge hormonal demands. Your thyroid for example, supports your energy production as you increase your weight over the pregnancy and also supports your baby’s thyroid development,

After birth, a good diet is fundamental for recovery and to ensure a nourishing milk supply. Breast milk production requires a huge amount of energy as well as essential nutrients. Mother Nature, very cleverly, prioritises your baby’s growth and development through your milk, so if you are deficient or not getting sufficient nutrients from your diet, you run the risk of depleting your own reserves. If your reserves are low, your milk may also be low in important nutrients such as DHA and vitamin A that support eye and brain development. There are some nutrients that cannot be stored, like B vitamins, so you need them regularly in your diet to ensure your breast milk is as nourishing as possible for your little one.

At our consultation we will analyse your diet as well as take into account your pregnancy and birth history to ensure your diet is rich in all the nutrients you need to recover and regain your strength to look after your little one. We can also address weight loss if necessary.

Post delivery, your hormones can fluctuate widely, so one of the onus of our consultation will be to support your endocrine function.  Firstly, your thyroid as it may need extra support to get you back in balance as you return to your original weigh. And secondly your adrenals, which support you through those sleepless night and need a steady supply of essential nutrients to avoid low production of cortisol.

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy can help you after delivery and your baby and to introduce my personalised approach.

You can also read a detailed description of my Consultation Process here.