Diet Analysis & 45min consultation



Diet Check up

This consultation is ideal if you who do not have any particular health concerns but would like to have your diet assessed by a Nutrition professional. Our goal is to ensure you leave the consultation with the knowledge to improve your diet so you can easily balance your meals with dishes that are health promoting, tasty and easy to shop for and cook.

Before we go ahead, a FREE 15-minute consultation is recommended to discuss if a Diet Check-up is appropriate for you.

After your FREE 15-minute consultation, you will be asked to complete a 4-day food diary which Pilar will thoroughly analyse. A few days later, Pilar will arrange to meet/Skype you and during a 45-minute consultation, she will highlight which foods in your diet support your health and which foods work against your systems’ balance.

Emphasis will not be on individual foods but on your diet as a whole and how to balance it so you get all the nutrients you need in the appropriate quantities.

Further, each food group and how they are metabolised and their effect on the human body will be explained in detail and healthy alternatives provided if necessary.

You will receive a diet check-up report summarising your consultation and Pilar’s recommendations plus fact sheets and recipes if required.

Note that a Diet Check Up does not included specific recommendations for health concerns or for nutritional supplements.