FIVE hidden veggies in a child friendly dish

5 hidden veggies in a child friendly dish

So, do we think it is possible to hide five veggies in a dish even the staunchest of veggie haters will eat? Yes, it is! I made this risotto last night wth 40% veggies…and the kids LOVED it!

The trick is to chop onions, leeks, celery and a little courgette very, very small and then sautee it for 10 minutes until it is really soft. Then add a few generous tablespoons of home-made tomato sauce (or passata) and fry for a few more minutes. Then add the rice and follow your usual risotto recipe until the rice is al dente. Then stir in a handful of defrosted peas per person and a generous amount of parmesan and mix very gently. Only thing left to add is a few toasted pinenuts to add a bit of protein and some good fatty acids.

Give it a try and tell us what your little ones thought of it!