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6x 30 minute follow-ups  (£75 each)


Weight Loss Programme

Modifying your diet to achieve your ideal weight or lose weight for health reasons can be a daunting prospect without the right professional help and support. As a Nutritional Therapist, Pilar can help you achieve your weight goals with a balanced diet that suits you and your taste buds and satisfies your nutritional needs.

At PurpleCarrot, we believe that weight loss should be a gradual process so once you’ve achieved your ideal weight, you keep it off easily. For us, it is about changing the way you shop, cook and eat and re-training your body to stop craving certain foods and thrive on foods that support your health.

Our weight loss programme has been developed to help you lose weight in a safe and health-promoting way over time. Timing depends on the amount to lose and your health.  During this period, we check in every two weeks to ensure you are on track and your programme is working for you.

The consultation process:

Prior to the consultation:

Before we meet. In all cases a FREE 15-minute consultation is recommended to discuss if Nutritional Therapy can help with you and to introduce Pilar’s approach.

After this free introduction, Pilar will email you a Food Diary Form and Health and Lifestyle questionnaire to gather information to prepare a thorough diet and lifestyle analysis and recommendations with weight management in mind.

Once you’ve completed your Personal Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire and Food Diary, Pilar will analyse your diet and lifestyle, identify which foods and food habits are contributing to your weight gain and look for suitable alternatives.

Pilar will also investigate your digestion, metabolism and hormonal balance to identify any imbalances that may make losing weight harder. For example, a sluggish thyroid could be the reason you can’t shift those extra 3lbs after pregnancy, so supporting your thyroid hormone production may make your dieting more effective.

The consultation:

After submitting your questionnaires, you will meet Pilar at your first consultation where she will explain how diet and lifestyle may be affecting your general health and contributing to your weight gain.

At his consultation Pilar will make science-backed recommendations to support your weight loss and together you will agree a Weight Loss Action Plan which will be included in your Health and Nutrition Programme . This programme will include dietary changes, modifications to your lifestyle including physical activity and weight loss goals.

Changing your diet is not an easy task, so Pilar will work with you to create a nutritious 2-week menu that is easy to follow, includes dishes you enjoy and fits around your lifestyle. And if a dish doesn’t do it for you, we’ll try to swap it for something you actually enjoy cooking and eating!

Pilar’s recommendations work around your current diet and lifestyle, making changes rather than providing an “off-the-shelf” programme. This is for two reasons: small, specific changes are more successful and each person has different needs so a personalised diet plan will be more effective.

At your first consultation, which can be carried out over Skype or FaceTime, Pilar may recommend some functional tests to confirm any suspected nutritional or systems imbalances. At this stage, adding appropriate and specific nutritional supplements to your daily routine may be recommended as well. This will all be clearly explained in the Health and Nutrition Programme.

Additional information such as Fact Sheets on relevant condition(s), certain food groups and nutrients will be shared. Appropriate nutrient Information (NutriFacts) will also be available together with recipes to support the recommended diet plan. Pilar is available on the phone and over email to answer any questions.

The follow-up:

Your six 30 minute follow-up consultations will be held every 2 weeks. During these sessions, Pilar will check your progress and how you are getting on with your Weight Loss Action Plan including weigh loss. Changes to your Weight Loss Plan including menus and recipes will be made according to your weight loss and other factors.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book your free 15 minute phone consultation.