Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation package 1: 1hr 30min consultation plus one 45min follow-up

Fertility preservation package 2 leading up to egg collection: 1hr 30min consultation plus six  45min follow-ups

£185 initial consultation
£125 menu planning (optional)
£90 per follow-up

Payment options for package 2
1. One-off payment of £675 vs £725 when paid per consultation or £775 (versus £850 when paid per consultation) including a menu planning session.

2. Monthly payments of £233 (£267 if including a menu planning), adding up to £700 (£800 including a menu planning)

3. Pay per session with a total cost of £725 (£850 if including a menu planning).


Fertility Preservation

If you are reading this, you are probably living life to the full and not feeling quite ready to have children yet, but becoming a mum (or a dad!) in the future may already be in your plans.

You are definitely not alone. In the UK, the number of children born to women under 30 has decreased consistently and the number of new mums over 35 has nearly tripled in the last 30 years.

As we age, our ability to conceive decreases rapidly making the dream of having a family a little bit harder to achieve: by the age of 40, your chances of getting pregnant are 2-5% each month versus 25% in your 20s and 30s.

There is not doubt that ageing decreases your egg reserve. Your overall health, lifestyle and nutrition can also affect the quality of your eggs via oxidation, nutrient supply, digestion, absorption and even hormonal balance. So it is important to have the correct nutritional advice early on.

Sperm is produced continuously which makes it more dependent on current nutritional status but also easier to improve morphology and  decrease abnormalities with he appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes. Nutrients such as sufficient amino-acids, glutathione and CoEnzymeQ10 can support the production of quality sperm.

Antioxidants, from a fresh diet rich in fruit and vegetables and low in processed foods, can help reduce oxidative stress, especially if you lead a stressful life, that in turn can reduce the quality of your eggs and sperm.

My fertility preservation consultations include a thorough diet and lifestyle analysis and full health assessment. These sessions are bespoke and all advice and recommendations are specifically designed to help you preserve your egg quality or boost your sperm when you are ready to conceive.

An action plan will be agreed to ensure you have an step by step process to achieve your goals and menus and recipes will be provided as well as supplements recommended. We also focus on preparing for hormonal stimulation if eggs are to be collected for freezing.

For those looking to improve their diet to future-proof their fertility but not considering egg freezing at the moment, I recommend an initial and follow consultation.

When leading up to egg collection for freezing, I recommend a 3 month programme to ensure you maximise the number of high quality eggs collected but in some cases I am happy to take clients for as shorter period of time, depending on my health assessment.