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Our bodies are continuously exposed to external toxins such as pesticides, pollution, food additives, heavy metals such as mercury in fish and lead in water, toxins arising from lifestyle such as stress, smoking, drugs or alcohol, and internal toxins such as hormones which our bodies themselves produce. All these chemicals and hormones can interfere with our metabolism leading to mood changes, lack of energy, headaches and migraines, sensitivity to smells, allergies, low libido, sugar cravings, obesity and certain chronic diseases including atopy, infertility, metabolic syndrome and neurodegenerative diseases.

We are well equipped to eliminate all of the toxins above, however, when the toxic load is too high, toxins build up increasing the burden on our liver, kidneys, gut and skin. Our individual genetics also play an important role as they affect the way our bodies deal with chemicals.

Nutrition, diet and lifestyle can support your body’s detoxification as it uses up macro and micro-nutrients to transform these unwanted substances into water-soluble ones that your body can excrete.

The liver is the main detoxifying organ and helps eliminate toxins in a two-phase process for which it needs macronutrients as well as minerals and vitamins. A healthy gut is fundamental in detoxification as it not only helps maintain chemicals and parasites out of our system but it is also the main way of excreting toxins. Additionally, a healthy gut helps absorb the nutrients our bodies need to metabolise and eliminate toxins.

Nutritional Therapy can help assess your toxic load taking into account your past and current exposure, your family history and genetics, checking your liver function, your gut integrity and factoring in your diet and lifestyle.

I will record your symptoms and assess your toxicity levels using a specialised questionnaire and, if needed, some functional tests. I will work with you to identify your sources of toxicity and reduce the accumulated toxins in your body with changes to your diet such as increasing antioxidants and micronutrients, reducing allergenic foods and removing refined sugars and fat for a few days.  Changes to your lifestyle such as reducing stress, increasing physical activity, improving your sleep and removing alcohol and caffeine for a couple of weeks will help your body focus on removing accumulated toxins.

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy can help you and to introduce Pilar’s approach. You can also read a detailed description of our Consultation Process here.